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Online grammar exercise on the use of 'in case' and 'unless', for learners of English. if/when/unless/as soon as…

En la First Conditional podemos utilizar UNLESS (a menos que) en lugar de IF + oración negativa. UNLESS nunca puede ir Provided (that) / Providing (that) / As long as / So long as you promise to be careful, you can EXERCISES. 1.

Unless means except if. We use unless to make an exception to something we say. We use unless to make an exception to something we say. Unless is often used in warnings, instead of unless it is possible to say if . not. a. Theresa can't eat unless her mother lets her. Conditionals: other expressions ( unless, should, as long ... Conditionals: other expressions ( unless, should, as long as ) - gramática inglés y uso de palabras en "English Grammar Today" - Cambridge University Press other expressions (unless, should, as long as) Conditionals: typical errors If only In case (of) It’s time so long as, only if, on condition that, providing (that), provided First Conditional: When, As Soon As, Unless – Espresso English First Conditional: When, As Soon As, Unless Let’s study each case separately. When: When the “condition” will definitely happen in the future. Look at the difference between these two sentences: If I see Sam, I’ll give him your message. (I’m not sure if I will see him or not)

English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate. In this exercise you will practise as long as, in case of, in case and unless. As long as has the same meaning as if, providing and provided. You can go to the party if/providing/ provided 

AS LONG AS, PROVIDING THAT and UNLESS EXERCISE as long as / providing that - on the condition that - I’ll go shopping as long as it’s only for two hours unless - with the exception that - We can go for a picnic unless it rains As long as, Providing that and Unless Exercise Unless, provided that, as long as - English Grammar Nov 19, 2015 · I will leave now unless there is anything left to do. 3. We are holding a party on Sunday provided it does not rain. 4. You can borrow my car provided that you return it by tonight. 5. Children cannot watch this film unless they are accompanied by an adult. 6. You must not call me unless there is an emergency. 7. You can borrow my car as long if/when/unless/as soon as…

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Grammar worksheets - printable exercises pdf - handouts ... Grammar worksheets esl, printable exercises pdf, handouts, free resources to print and use in your classroom Learn English online grammar, listening, reading, songs CONDITIONAL SENTENCES - INGLÉS WHEN O UNLESS ponemos una coma entre la if-clause y la main clause. Pero si la oración comienza por la Provided (that) / Providing (that) / As long as / So long as you promise to be careful, you can EXERCISES 1. Translate the following sentences into English. 1) Iré a París si tengo dinero. Grammar: 'unless' and 'if' | Onestopenglish

Let's study each case separately. When: When the “condition” will definitely happen in the future. Look at the difference between these two sentences: If I  my stomach still hurts tomorrow. 3. She will do the exercise again if she Complete the following sentences with the correct tense of the verbs provided. 1. We  20 Jun 2014 I have bought extra porridge in case we need more. The action will not happen unless the if clause happens. If vs In Case – Exercise. In that case, you can return it to the shop. - If. 5. Unless. 8. Danny wants to lose weight, but he doesn't have any will power. - If. 9. Providing that. 14. Each topic begins with a short explanation followed by a practice exercise. after. Dependent Clause although as (as if) because before if since unless D. The prosecution presented its case so well that it would be a surprise for the Use semicolons to separate phrases or clauses in a series if they are long or contain.

BBC Learning English Exercise 1: Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings. 1. You can't watch television in the unless they give me a discount. Exercise 2: Correct or wrong? Read the sentences and decide whether they are correct or wrong, either in grammar or meaning. 1. I don't watch TV unless … Conditional Expressions Quiz and Exercises (in case ... Exercise on in case - unless - what if - whether - only if - provided - even if - unless - suppose that - as long as - so long as - on condition that Choose the correct answer Show all questions JOINING SENTENCES – CONJUNCTIONS I left my phone switched on in case Jane called (because it was possible that Jane would call). In case of is not the same as in case (especially on notices): In case of fire, please leave the building . III. Unless, as long as, provided/providing We use unless in the meaning of except if: You can´t go in the club unless you are a member.

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Learn English Language: 114 Unless As long as and provided ... 114 Unless As long as and provided/providing Unless Study this example situation: EXERCISES 114.1 Write a new sentence with the same meaning. Use unless in your sentence. 4 as long as 5 unless 6 unless 7 provided 8 Unless 9 unless 10 as long as 114.4 Example answers: 2 I have to work. 5 Kinds of Collocation and Phrasal Verb Exercises - Eslflow Subscribe to Eslflow. Subscribe to get full access to the latest and best resources from eslflow.com. There are no ads in the newsletter and you will receive entertaining, high quality, and up-to-date teaching resources regularly. And, if you subscribe, you will be supporting the eslflow website. In case and Unless | Learn English